There are countless benefits that our animation union can bring to the industry, in Vancouver and beyond. These gains are generally two-fold: primary benefits that can be written into contracts, and secondary benefits that will arise later on, as a result of those primary benefits shaping and changing the industry.

Secondary Benefits

Revitalized, Longer Lasting Workforce

Artists working less overtime will likely have more personal time for friends, family, healthy living, and personal and artistic development.

Increased Capital For Artistic Projects

Artists receiving higher wages will have more money to invest in themselves and their own projects.

Higher Quality Of Work

By strengthening our industry and providing artists with more time and resources to develop their skills, the quality of local production work can increase.

End to Job Creep

With more clear job definitions, expectations, and working hours, animation artists are less likely to be forced to take on more responsibilities than their job entails.

Primary Benefits

Overtime Protection

Overtime Pay can be mandated and regulated, leading to higher wages and/or more manageable working hours for artists.

Wage Minimums

Wage minimums will set a floor that no studio can go beneath, ensuring that artists are not underpaid and can be paid more consistently across the board.

Enforcement of Labour Rights

A Labour Unions' primary goal is to enforce proper labour law and ensure working conditions are safe and legal for all workers.

Stronger Extended Health Benefits and Continuous Coverage

A Union made up of many artists from many studios will have far more buying power, allowing us to purchase better health plans that will carry over as artists move from studio to studio.

Pension Plans

A Union can provide pension plans for artists to pay into for their retirement.


Cost Of Living Adjustment, gradually increasing wages incrementally to match inflation.

Grievances and Procedures

Workers will no longer be on their own when filing a complaint against their employers. Workers will have access to union advocates who will be on their side and walk them through grievances.

Funding for Professional Development

Unions often provide professional development opportunities in various ways such as life drawing classes, funding for certain courses, etc.

Bonded Studios & Protection from Bankruptcy

A Union can ensure that studios prove they have enough budgeted in salary to pay their artists for the work they have done in the case of bankruptcy.

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